Tag Over Luxury

Certification of authenticity for luxury product and more information about manufacturers

The luxury goods, especially those of high fashion, are probably one of the most at risk of being counterfeited, and that a fortiori require a certificate of authenticity

Through the Tag Over Labels, equipped with NFC technology, it is possible to certify the authenticity of the luxury products and, at the same time, provide more information in digital format. The Tags are readable via smartphones. With a simple phone equipped with NFC, in fact, anyone can verify in a very simple and fast way, that the product is authentic. 

The NFC Tags may also contain additional information and multimedia about the product: it can therefore provide information on the quality of the product, the company that carried it out, materials and design. 

In addition, Tag Over Labels help the company's marketing: with a smartphone, you can access other products you may be interested in, and even directly buy them.